On 20th October 2014 I had a session with you to encourage me to stop smoking.


I was with my wife, Helan and I was first in! I must say I hadn't really thought about stopping smoking prior to our appointment, except to say that Helan had told me about it, and I went for the easy option! Throwing away an almost full packet of cigarettes during the session certainly wasn't part of my plan.


I also still remember thinking during the hypnosis about going for a pint to await Helan from her session, during which, I figured I'd be smoking. I'm being told over and over, under hypnosis, that I no longer smoke, I'm having the back of my hand pinched and lifted and, all the time, I'm thinking to myself: I'm looking forward to the pint and a smoke while I waited for my wife.


The session finished and I spoke briefly to my wife before heading off to the pub.  


Now, I went into the session a 30/40 per day smoker and I left thinking nothing had changed. I landed in the pub and suddenly realised something had changed. I felt different somehow, quite hyper, if I'm being honest. My friend in the pub noticed and queried my behaviour and I told him I'd just been hypnotised to stop smoking. As a known hardened smoker, this met with no little scepticism.


However, for a smoke I did not go. Also, the thought of replacing those I'd thrown away didn't enter. My wife met me after her session and we compared notes on our way home.  


Seven months later, I do not smoke. I rarely even think about having a cigarette and, apart from putting on a pound or three around my waist, feel infinitely better. My wife has a little more difficulty although she, too, remains a non-smoker. 


As a "non-believer", I was reticent in the extreme, however, I would have no hesitation in recommending Julie's service. I have already recommended her and am awaiting the sound of envelopes full of M&S vouchers to start tumbling through my letterbox. 


Thank you Julie, 




Willy Mullan


Julie Woodcock 

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