Umnani saw me to stop smoking nine years ago, in 2007. She posted this 5 star review on Facebook in April 2016, after she'd been back to see me for weight management:

9 years ago I stopped smoking following one session of hypnosis with Julie, in all that time I have never craved or wanted a cigarette.

Before I tried hypnosis I had tried every form of nicotine replacement available and had "stopped" smoking a number of times, each time a gruelling, hard, tortuous slog. I read about Break the Habit at my Dentists and thought I'd try a different approach, I still can't believe how easy it was, there was no process of stopping smoking, no trying to quit, I simply walked out of that session as somebody who doesn't smoke.

Nearly 10 years later & I feel healthier now than I ever did and best of all, Julie has saved me over £14,000!

Here is a link to Umnani's weight loss testimonial:


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