I got this e-mail from one of my clients:


Hi Julie,


It’s been just over 4 weeks now and I'm still not smoking. I really didn't think it would this easy, it's like I've never smoked at all. Mum's still going strong too. Thank you ever so much you’re amazing.


Tracey xx


So I asked Tracey to write a bit more background to really help other people to make the decision to stop smoking with me!


And this is what she wrote…


Hi Julie 


Here goes for a testimonial!


I have to admit I didn't think I could ever give up smoking. I had tried everything, gum, patches, tablets, I even bought an electric cigarette. All a waste of money.


Then my brother brought home Julie’s pamphlet and I was intrigued. I read it, then checked out the website . . . I read some testimonials but thought I really need to think it over some more. Then forgot about it.


Then I got talking to someone doing work at our house who'd been stopped smoking for 6 years and it turned out he'd been to Julie. Within half an hour I'd phoned Julie, left a message, Julie phoned me back and I'd got an appointment to see her. 


I think I smoked a little bit more coming up to the appointment through nerves thinking it's a lot of money - but then I did my homework.


Now 4 weeks 3 days down the line of not smoking I'm happier, healthier - and have money in my purse. I can't thank Julie enough.


My mum saw how well I was doing, booked to see Julie and now she's been stopped for 1 week and 4 days. Both of us agree it's like we never smoked!


I'm enjoying my life so much more now all down to Julie


Thank you so much Julie xxx 



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