Hi Julie,

I have not had a cigar or cigarette since the day I came to see you some 7 months ago. The first 3 months were difficult but as soon as I concentrated on something Red the temptation disappeared. I now never even think of smoking and find the smell on my clothes when I have been to the pub quite distasteful. My breathing and lung capacity has improved and I now exercise much more (weather permitting) without getting out of breath.
The cost of the session seemed quite high at first but I have now recouped the cost twice over and will continue to save the money I spent on tobacco for the rest of my life.
Once again thank you for helping me to become a non smoker
Ray Parker
A note from Julie: “What’s the colour red got to do with it?” I hear you ask. Well, we use suggestions in the hypnosis session which will remind you of your goal after the session is over. One of these is that you will be reminded that you are a non-smoker every time you see the colour red! 


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