Rachel Davies

Rachel saw Julie in 2004. She wrote this testimonial four years later in June 2008: 


Afterwards it was really strange, as after fuelling my car, I went to pay but could not understand why I did not want to buy any cigarettes, a normal action for at least ten years. I did not even want a cigarette, which confused me more, even though I kept reminding myself what I had just done and that yes it must have worked.


The Stress Relief CD has been so very useful over the last four years as I like many people have a stressful job and work too much. I have tried other relaxation methods over the years but always come back to the CD. 


In the early days if I felt weak I would hide away and listen to the CD, it always worked. Then I’d remind myself of the money I would save. Sometimes, when stressed and the thought came in to my head about having a smoke I’d kick myself and say why, by the time I’d done that I’d forgotten about it. I rarely think about it these days except as something I used to do but no longer need or miss.


If I had never walked through Julie’s door I would not have benefited to the extent I have, I have been able to save money, eventually buy a new car, and even better I have been on holiday to places I never thought I would be able to afford. The best money ever spent. When people find out I was a smoker I never stop telling people about Julie.


Rachel Davis



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