Rachel emailed this testimonial in June 2014:


It was my youngest son who picked up Julie’s leaflet and put it in my handbag. He had been nagging me for quite a while to stop smoking and whilst I was not a big smoker – honestly up to 10 a day (and not the 5 I was telling everyone!)


I was still a little reticent at giving up. I liked smoking. However, I made the appointment, listened to the CD and turned up. I was sceptical because there was a part of me that did not want to stop smoking and a part of me that thought “there’s no way I won’t be giggling and feeling silly when it I’m not hypnotised and it hasn’t worked” As I said,  I LIKED SMOKING! 


Two hours later I came out feeling I was on top of the world. I was done with smoking. I felt so incredibly positive and raring to go. I wasn’t worried I would fall off the wagon because I had no desire to smoke at all. 


Incredible as it sounds the feelings of “gasping for a ciggy” first thing in the morning, trying to keep myself busy so I wouldn’t think of smoking and all those yearnings I had suffered previously at giving up, were simply not there. That’s because previously I had to rely on will power and we all know how unreliable that can be….!


I do and did have moments where I thought about smoking….but that was it, over and done with within 5 seconds! Even the “me in a very stressed situation” did not yield or even think that I needed to smoke. My resolve was steadfast and even being stood next to people smoking or being able to smell someone smoking has not produced even a knee wobble from me….not even a “mmmm that smells nice”. It does not register at all.


Amazed? I still am and I simply cannot find the right words that convey my gratitude to Julie. I can go to the gym more regularly now and not be gasping for breath after 5 minutes. Both my sons tell me all the time how lovely I smell! I cannot even tell you how long it is since I stopped because it’s not important. What has been important is the healthier lifestyle I now lead, my boys’ wellbeing and the extra treats with the money I have saved.


Rachel Baskerville


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