As soon as my session was over I remember thinking, ‘is that it? I am a non-smoker! Surely this can’t be right’

However, sure enough I didn’t have a cigarette all that day nor did I want one.

I had a work night out on the following night and remember being terrified that I would be surrounded by people that smoked and temptation would get the better of me. It didn’t, and neither did it bother me that other people were smoking.

Like I mentioned earlier it has now been over a year since I smoked a cigarette, I can honestly say it was the best money I have EVER spent.

Better because I feel healthier, don’t smell of smoke, and have saved a lot of money!!

Please feel free to use this message on your internet site and I will be happy to act as a reference should you need one."

Nicky Clarke  
Customer Project Manager


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