Martin Sykes UPDATED

Businessman Martin Sykes from Huddersfield stopped smoking with Julie in June 2007. He e-mailed her with a one year follow up on June 11th 2008:


Dear Julie


One year gone today!


I still feel like a non smoker with not the slightest inclination to smoke and I still tell anyone who will listen to get down to you to stop.


Thanks again. 



This is his original testimonial, written when his wife booked her appointment 4 months later: 


Dear Julie


It is now over 4 months since my session with you and not only have I not smoked, I haven’t even wanted to smoke.


I was a dedicated, professional smoker! When I came to you, I had a desire to stop (the ban in the UK was the main impetus) but I have to admit that I felt sceptical and believed that I would have to go through the pain and distress of withdrawal symptoms.


What you showed me is that most of what I thought I knew about the addiction was bunkum – you literally changed my mind! The transition from smoker to non-smoker has been far from painful – it’s been a pleasure!


4 months on and I’m richer, smell better (so I’m told!) and don’t have to suffer the increasing inconvenience faced by smokers. I’ve been on 2 transatlantic flights since being freed and the difference has been astonishing – no more counting down the hours until the next cigarette or chewing the seat in front of me!


I would, and do, heartily recommend your method – if you can make me a non-smoker (which is a very important distinction from simply stopping people smoking) I can’t see any reason why it won’t work for everyone.


Yours in freedom! 





Julie Woodcock 

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