Some of Julie’s clients have to continue to live and work with smokers – so they have to get used to being around smokers! Although the process Julie uses focuses on getting you not to care about others smoking, some people – Like Mandy Walton - will find they really don’t like to be around smokers!


"I have now been a non smoker for nearly 9 months.


Before I saw Julie, I used to smoke 35 to 40 cigarettes a day and never thought I would be able to break the habit, but that's all it is just a smelly, nasty, expensive habit. 9 months after seeing Julie I can honestly say that smoking is now my number 1 pet hate, I don't like being stood next to anyone who smokes and I find that when I see people smoking, it really annoys me!!!


"I recommend Julie to every smoker that I know and I know that one of my work colleagues has already been to see her. Going to see Julie and freeing myself of the habit that I thought controlled me was the best gift I could ever have given myself. To anyone reading this, do it, go see Julie and give yourself a great gift."


Mandy Walton, Holmfirth


Julie Woodcock 

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