Hi Julie


This is the best investment I've made in my life, I can honestly say that because how often do you get a chance to invest in living longer and healthier? Yes, the pay back financially was within 8 weeks because I wasn't buying 20 cigarettes every day, but the real reward is in feeling healthier (I've now completed 2 marathons since I packed up), not smelling of cigarettes all the time and not having to break off whatever I was doing every hour of so to have a blooming cigarette!


I know people are sceptical about handing over their hard earned cash to someone they don't know to stop something they've tried everything in their powers to stop before but my advice is JUST DO IT!


You're welcome to email me at kevin@websites-etc.co.ukif you want to know more about how Julie's hypnosis stopped me smoking. (But please don't do this to ask me what it costs. If you want to know that you'll have to phone Julie like I did.) I've gone from 30 cigarettes a day to nothing within 1 hour of Julie's hypnosis and haven't smoked now (or wanted to) for over 2 years having tried patches, cold turkey and a stitch in my ear (which hurt!) I thought it was impossible for me to stop - without Julie's help I know I'd still be on 30 a day.


Many thanks 



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