E-cigs and e-cigarettes

Have you tried everything to stop smoking and have now switched to e-cigarettes or vaping?

Do you now feel you’re "addicted" to vaping?

Are you walking around, driving – even working – with an e-cig stuck in your mouth?


Are you actually using the e-cigarette more than you ever used real ones?


Let’s face it. From birth we put things in our mouths – it’s comforting!


Many people eat for reasons other than true hunger – they look for comfort from food. Some people drink. Some people bite their fingernails. Many times these actions can be put down to stress.


Maybe you smoked when you were stressed and now you’ve stopped smoking you’re still looking for comfort?  "Well it’s better than eating snacks and getting fat" I hear you cry!


And yes, that’s true. But wouldn’t it be better to do nothing – and to solve your stresses once and for all?


Do you think it’s about your nicotine addiction? Call me and I’ll let you into a secret about nicotine addiction!


Do you think it’s just another bad habit?


Are you ready to quit this habit?


New research in the USA has established what you already knew! E-cigarettes simply aren’t helping people quit smoking in the long run! It seems that they help for a while but then after a few months smokers are returning to cigarettes – or they’re still stuck with the e-cig.


Research has given e-cigs between about a 5% and 10% success rate for helping to stop smoking.


'Although e-cigarettes are widely promoted and used as a smoking cessation tool, we found no data supporting their long-term efficacy and safety.


'While e-cigarettes have been shown to significantly improve abstinence at one month compared with placebo, no such evidence is available supporting their effectiveness for longer periods' -  Dr Riyad al-Lehebi, University of Toronto


As patches have a proven 16% success rate (yes, it really is that low) and 10% of smokers quit with willpower alone. The e-cigs are really no improvement!


Are e-cigs better than smoking?


Well, from a health point of view absolutely! By vaporizing nicotine you avoid inhaling the harmless chemicals in tobacco.


But I have had clients report dry mouth, coughs and even breathing problems using e-cigs. One client ruptured a blood vessel in her throat - probably because she was sucking hard to get something out of the e-cig which simply wasn’t there!


Because of the sucking and breathing process research has also shown that some people can get irregular heart beat problems and lung inflammation – and one of the poisons associated with smoking is formaldehyde – and it turns out that some makes of e-cigarette produce formaldehyde too!


And you thought e-cigs were healthy!


And if you were using them for the tasty flavours – beware? Those nasty additives can cause damage too!


Whatever your reasons for stopping smoking in the first place. Whatever your reasons for ditching the e-cigs. If you are ready to stop this crazy habit then please give me a call!



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