Mother-of-two Dorothy Walton, of Staincliffe, Dewsbury had been a heavy smoker for 34 years and tried everything in the battle to kick her 40-a-day habit.

"I tried various methods including gum and patches which I became allergic to, but nothing worked,” she said. “Then I saw an advert for Peel Woodcock* in the Reporter and decided to phone them. Everything was explained to me before my appointment in March. I didn't know quite what to expect but the session was all very easy and relaxing and it certainly worked for me.

I have had no desire to smoke since and it doesn't bother me when I'm around other people who smoke. And I'm already feeling much healthier. I can now enjoy long walks with my grandchildren – before I stopped smoking I would quickly feel out of breath. I would certainly recommend this method to other people. I'm also feeling the financial benefits too."

* "Julie Woodcock Hypnotherapy" and "Break the Habit" have now replaced Peel Woodcock


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