Hello Julie,

My name is Dawn Robertson you probably will not remember me as my appointment with you was
 30th March 2006.

I just wanted to tell you that I have not touched a cig and I am a very, very happy non-smoker.

I remember the call I made to you four years ago. I cried and my exact words were: "I'm sick of getting poorly (coughs, colds, run down etc) I know it’s down to smoking, but I also know how hard its going to be to stop and I'm not sure I'm strong enough to do that again." I had tried to quit before and did manage this for 12 months with the help of the doctor and a support group. It was 12 months of pure torture and I would not recommend that route at all.

That was in February 2006. You talked me through the process and said that it was ok for me to continue to smoke until I came to see you.


However I still wanted to give it a go on my own, so, on 1st March 2006 my own quit day, I lasted 1 week then smoked half a cig.  Suffice to say I struggled!

30th March 2006 I had a total of 5.5 cigs in the month and my god it was bloody hard just doing that. The 0.5 of a cig being just before I walked into your office.

What I remember about the meeting was, the colour red being a focal point and drinking water after a meal. Afterwards I found I was drinking lots of water and really did not know why, and the colour red OMG every car on the motorway home that was red was glowing red I really could not believe how vibrant the red was!

When I left your office I felt very different and have not looked back since. I cannot begin to describe the transformation other than to say I think a switch was turned off in my head. I genuinely feel as though I never smoked. I have never had a single craving since the time before our meeting.

I have always given credit to hypnosis for my success and am happy to share this with others. Some of my friends are sceptical about this and say "oh I've heard about that and it never works" and I just say back well say that again after a meeting with Julie!


All I can say from the bottom of my heart is it was the best thing I ever did, it worked for me.

Thank you.

Dawn Robertson

May 2010


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