is to quit smoking in ONE SESSION

with a success rate of 95%?


What would it be like if you could stop easily and naturally, in just over ONE HOUR with no pain, no cravings, no fear? With hypnotherapy you can!


Maybe you've been smoking as few as 10 cigarettes a day or as many as 40 a day for years and you've tried everything - patches, gum, willpower, even Zyban or Champix - but you still haven't stopped smoking?


Maybe you have e-cigarette "addiction", or have read how dangerous they are and how they also can damage your health?


Some people are allergic to patches. Some people get nightmares with patches - and depression with Champix. Are you fed up of trying to stop smoking and finding nothing works?


"My advice to anyone reading this and thinking about doing it is: Don't think about it, JUST DO IT. I was the biggest sceptic of them all and now I am a convert to this way of treatment. It really does work" -
Paul Wigzell, Bacup

A Department of Health Report published in 1998 stated that within 24 hours of stopping smoking your lungs start to clear. Within 72 hours your breathing becomes easier. And within a year the risk of a heart attack falls to about half of that of a smoker!


What if you could be free of the health problems associated with smoking? Free of the breathing problems, the chest pains, the long-lasting colds, the cough and the aging skin!

"I came out feeling I was on top of the world. I was done with smoking. I felt so incredibly positive and raring to go . . . Amazed? I still am and I simply cannot find the right words that convey my gratitude to Julie" -
Rachel Baskerville, Leeds

By asking you the right questions I ensure that you accept the suggestions made to you in hypnosis - to change what is going on inside you - your mind and your body! This means you will become a non-smoker!


In a study conducted over a two year period, of 300 clients who were contacted one month and six months after their session, by telephone, 95% had not returned to smoking.



Since establishing my practice in 2002, I've helped thousands of people across Leeds and Huddersfield stop smoking using my specialised process. I can also help you with weight loss and cutting or stopping drinking, phobia cure, anxiety, confidence, etc.

Appointments available in Leeds (City Centre) and Huddersfield (just off the M62 J24)

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