The first week was strange as I felt like I was missing something, like an old friend. Had no nicotine cravings and had broken what I could not do before THE HABIT. Know its like I never smoked, you can’t miss what you don't do anymore!!!! Julie was right though it’s a CHOICE. I now choose to be a non-smoker and I like it.

Julie also gave me the confidence to believe in other ways of dealing with a problem other than medicine. You have to listen to your mind and your body. So here's to the rest of my life as a non-smoker

Thank you Julie it means a lot to me, my family and friends that I now don't smoke. You may be getting a few visits from them in the new year!!!!

And to all the people who don't believe, don't knock what you have never tried.

Thanks again Julie it feels great, lungs are still clearing out but feel so much better."

Take Care




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