She sent this e-mail to Julie mid March:



Dear Julie


I want to say a massive thank you for helping me become a non-smoker on the 3rd of January.


I had been smoking for 15 years and went through at least 20 a day, 30 at weekends.  I loved smoking and thought that being a smoker was part of my life and I would never be a non- smoker - I knew ultimately it would probably kill me but I didn't care, I liked being a smoker.


I hid smoking from my mum, and other family members, because of this I did not spend much time with my family, I was always too desperate to get away for a cigarette.


I have had a couple of measly attempts at stopping smoking before I visited you, using patches, zyban and attending stop smoking classes which were ok, but I never felt like an ex-smoker, I always felt like a smoker trying to give up. After my one-hour session with you I left the room, quite dubious that the hypnotherapy had worked. I am amazed and delighted that over 2 months later I have not touched or wanted a cigarette. 


My husband still smokes in the house, and not once have I been tempted to reach for one myself. Even my husband is very surprised and proud that I have not had a cigarette (I am hoping he decides to follow my example!) I have been out drinking in the pub which was my main worry, and I have not even thought about smoking. I now can't wait for the ban on smoking in pubs in July so my hair and clothes won't stink when I go out!


I feel better in myself, I have more time to do things, particularly at work.I am not running out for a cigarette constantly. I love the fact that I am not controlled by cravings, and feel sorry for the people at work who are waiting impatiently for their next break so they can get their fix!


I am pleased that I have done something that will have so much benefit to my quality of life, and that if I decide to have children in the near future, I can do so knowing I won't be a smoker.


I can now spend a whole day with my mum and not have to hide in toilets to have a cigarette (yes even at 29 years of age I did this!)


I won't say I have never thought about cigarettes, I have had the very occasional thought, but that is all it is - a thought, and it passes unbelievably quickly, and the thought of putting one to my mouth, really is alien to me now! 


It really is money well spent and would recommend this to anyone. 


I really mean it when I say if I can stop with hypnotherapy, it definitely works. As long as you want it to work - it will!


Kind regards


Sarah Cooper 


Julie Woodcock 

0113 834 5424


0800 007 5052


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