Russ of Leeds - UPDATE

Russ of Leeds stopped smoking with Julie in January 2006. Four years on and he has emigrated to live in Sydney in Australia. He e-mailed Julie in December 2009 to ask if he could have a new copy of her CD. Now age 30, this is his update:


Hi Julie,

Good to get back in touch again recently. Just wanted to give you a 4 year update! It only seems like two minutes ago I was in your office and to be honest, not really believing a word you said about me being a non-smoker after our session.
Well 4 years on I have still not touched a cigarette once. Even better than this, it has been really easy as I have never had a craving for one at all like I used to. There was one moment when I was intrigued to see what one would taste like, but obviously did not bother as I had put in such a good effort and long time without one it was pointless.
I personally think the key to anyone wanting to quit is that you really have to want it and want to kick the filthy habit for whatever personal reasons you have. Otherwise I think there are huge pitfalls. I know myself so well that if I even had one, I might fall off the wagon so to speak so I have never bothered again. However, using Julie's technique takes the hard work and effort away which is amazing as it makes quitting almost effortless. No sitting in bars with a beer dying to smoke, no cravings after a cup of tea or coffee or satisfying meal - nothing.
Sounds a bit cheesy, but I still recall the mantra you made me say - "I'm a non-smoker and I'll be a non-smoker for the rest of my life!"....................and I am.
I have referred 2-3 people now and they have all quit, including my 30 day smoker cousin who has been free for over a year now.
Well worth the investment, and in 45 minutes I was free of cigarettes. Cheers Julie and good luck to everyone else.

This is a link to Russ's original testimonial from 2006:

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