Hi Julie,

Well it has now been a month since I came to see you to stop smoking and I feel great! My life has already changed for the better - I feel more alert and more alive. I am cycling every day without fail (exercise was never a strong point for me!!).

I have to admit I was apprehensive about hypnotherapy but I am so glad that I took the step to make an appointment with you. I was a smoker since the age of about 15/16 years and will be 40 later this year - that is a long time to kill oneself!! I have tried numerous methods to try and stop smoking but, in the end, they all failed! I was getting so desperate - I wanted and needed to stop smoking! I was then recommended to you, took the "plunge" and, well, what can I say? Simply put . . . I have never looked back!

The moment I left your office, I knew I was a non-smoker and will be for the rest of my life! When I have tried to explain it to people (smokers and non-smokers alike), I have found myself saying "I simply do not want to smoke!"  I have no urge to smoke whatsoever and have not since the 21st April - and I know I will never smoke again in my life! It is great to be free from that nasty, disgusting habit!
Your method really works and I am recommending you to whoever wants to stop smoking, lose weight - anyone who wants to listen!!!


The real revelation came today when my landlord came round the house to fix something . . . he then took a break and asked if I smoked and it was absolutely fantastic to say "No, I don't smoke" - it is great to be a non-smoker, thanks to you.

I have now made and completed my plans for my Spanish excursion in August and I am looking forward to it with confidence and excitement. Firstly, being a smoker, there was no way I could afford this type of holiday I have planned! Secondly, even if I could afford it, I would have lacked confidence and been lethargic about it and, in the end, it would not have happened! I am going to
 Spain for 2 weeks, on my own, to practise the Spanish I have been learning for the last 2 years - it will be the first holiday of being just myself and, thanks to my newfound confidence through not smoking, it is going to be so great!


I will keep you posted now and again and, should anyone be reading this at any point and was not certain about coming to see you, all I say is . . . "Go for it - you will never regret it".
Thank you for giving me my life back.

Rob Castle


Julie Woodcock 

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