Rita Sutcliffe 

Rita Sutcliffe is a 65year old grandmother who came to see Julie to stop smoking in December 2002.


More than five years later Rita is still a non-smoker. During that time she has had a serious illness and become a widow – but even these traumatic experiences have not tempted her to smoke again. She has "saved" about £10,000 – or at least spent it on her children and grandchildren rather than on cigarettes. Money she wouldn’t have had if she’d carried on smoking.


When Julie met up with Rita in January 2008 she told her story:


"I had tried so many times to stop smoking. I had stopped for a couple of months with sheer willpower but then started again. I’d tried patches several times and attended the doctor’s stop smoking clinic. I’d taken Zyban, which was horrible. It drove me crazy and made me hyperactive – I couldn’t sit still!


One of the problems was that I enjoyed a cigarette – or thought I did. Even when I got a blood clot in my leg and my doctor told me of the dangers of carrying on smoking I still didn’t stop!


I was on up to 40 a day when a friend of another friend told me they’d been to see Julie to stop smoking. I decided to give hypnotherapy a chance. I felt it really was my last chance.


The session was fine – but I must admit I wondered if it had worked as I left. Had I wasted my money?


I work at a doctor’s surgery so everyone was very supportive. Every day they asked me if I wanted a cigarette but I can honestly say I didn’t want one. I finally realised after a few days that I really had stopped smoking!


I would recommend Julie's hypnotherapy to anyone who wants to stop smoking. It was the easiest way for me."



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