Rachel of Leeds

Rachel came to see Julie in January 2007. Six months later, in June, this is what she wrote:

"I had been a smoker since the age of 18 and smoking as much as 30-a-day by my mid 20s. On three occasions I had given up for nearly a year but would always weaken and give in. Over the last few years I had been getting chest infections each time I got a cold/cough and friends commented on the cough I always had. I felt guilty about the expense in terms of money and health. I wanted to be free of cigs but with all of my friends smoking it felt impossible.


I had thought about hypnosis but had worried that I would end up using a bogus practitioner. So, when I spotted Julie’s leaflet in the doctors’ surgery I thought that they wouldn’t recommend unqualified practitioners.


On the phone Julie was reassuring and helpful and there was no pressure.


On 24th January 2007, age 32 I quit smoking.


It has to be one of the most intense experiences of my life and I will admit that on the way under I felt a little panicky. (My husband tells me that for days later I wandered around chilled out and carefree - I’m normally a stress-head!)


I left sceptical. The first two weeks were hard but only because I kept thinking 'I’m gonna crack.' But that soon became, 'When am I gonna crack?' to 'I don’t think I am going to crack.' People I know said it was expensive but I recouped the money in 3 months, and I’m now £25 per week better off.


I have been to the pub and admittedly I wanted to test the whole thing last week; I needed to know I had really broken the whole cycle. After a few pints I pinched a cig to see if I could smoke it (when I had given up in the past all it took was getting past the disgusting taste of my first cig and I was hooked again).


I now know for certain I will NEVER smoke again. Three drags and my whole body screamed 'Yuck. Put it out!' My unconscious beat my conscious.


I have a fantastic sense of smell, not a single cough, cold or chest infection this winter, my children say I smell nicer. Most importantly, for ladies out there worried they would put on weight, I found that I have lost a few pounds because I am more healthy and active. For friends, July 1st is a day that looms over them but I keep thinking how nice it will be to sit in a smoke-free pub.


Thank you, Julie."




Julie's comment: I wouldn't recommend anyone trying a cigarette to "see if it worked." It is a habit so of course, if you wanted you could get right back to it - but why would you want to?




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