Dear Julie


I hope you are well.


Well I promised I would stay in touch, granted it has been 8 weeks since I met with you, but being the sceptic that I am, I wanted to ensure that I actually was still not smoking before I wrote to you.


I am very pleased to say that I have not touched, or more importantly wanted to touch a cigarette since the last one I squeezed in before walking into your office just over 8 weeks ago.


The strangest thing about all this, and this is what I have tried to explain to everybody that has asked me how I have stopped, is that I actually feel like I have never smoked, even though I know I have. I have never found trying to stop smoking as easy as this, and I have now started recommending you to people that I know, as they can see I am living proof that with your help and the determination to stop, it actually works, definitely the best money I have spent.


Many Thanks



Natalie Simmonite


Julie Woodcock 

0113 834 5424


0800 007 5052


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