Good Morning Julie


Just an update for you.


I came to see you on the 25th January 2010 at 5pm and a couple of minutes before that I had my last cigarette of my life.


It is now the 21st May 2010 and I am still clean and what's more the thought of smoking disgusts me beyond belief. When I smell smokers I tell them that they stink and should give up. Indeed I'm that bad that I work in a petrol station and tell people there that they should give you a ring instead of spending all their money on cigarettes! What a fool I have been for the past 28 years, smoking like a trooper instead of saving my money. I could have paid my mortgage off instead of burning those damn cigarettes, but life is a learning curve and boy have I learnt my lesson.


Since giving up smoking I have paid off one of my credit cards so I am slowly becoming debt free. I can't believe it has been this easy. I don’t even crave them in times of stress, and in the last four months I have been tested to the hilt with family problems at which I would have reached for my ciggies within seconds in days gone by!!!


However, I have redecorated my house, it has become smell free, the paintwork is white and nobody would dare smoke in there as I would ram those disgusting things down their throats. [Michael is only joking!]


I wish I had met you years ago and will love you forever for freeing me from the disgusting habit.


Thank you so much.


Michael Pickles


Julie Woodcock 

0113 834 5424


0800 007 5052


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