Well it's been well over a month now. It was October the 1st 2012 that I went to see Julie, after a friend told me about her, (he was smoking 40 cigs a day before he saw Julie). So I decided to give it a go, I can honestly say I am so glad I did after the first 1 hour session I have left Julie's place a non smoker.


Not even had the urge to have one again. My life has changed for the better even if it's 6 weeks. In my breathing my lungs feel so much better, not coughing in the morning. I will not be putting another one of them dirty things near my mouth again, and the best thing is I've given myself a £3,500 a year pay rise!!!! Thank you so, so much Julie you are a star and money well spent.


regards from Mark xx


Mark Bradley, Halifax


Julie Woodcock 

0113 834 5424


0800 007 5052


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