Before I went to see Julie I used to smoke on average around 7 cigarettes a day. Whilst this isn't a lot in comparison to some smokers, it was enough to leave me filled with guilt that I was damaging my health and pocket by continuing the habit. I tried gum, lozenges, champix, cold turkey and a self help book. None worked, and just made the desire more greater for me to smoke.


I was an embarrassed smoker, and a very secretive one. Only my partner and a couple of other people knew I smoked.


I had always wanted to try hypnosis but had never gone for it. The trigger for me was that I didn't want to carry on being hooked on something that I knew could eventually end my life early. I also felt real guilt every time I bought a packet at the cost of it. I am a really strong willed person in every other aspect of my life, but just couldn't stop smoking which really got to me.


I went to see Julie just over three weeks ago and haven't smoked since. It feels as though I have never smoked. Previous times I had tried to stop I actually felt sad that I couldn't have a cigarette, which generally made me start again. Hypnosis turns off the trigger in you to go and buy a packet. Whilst I know I used to smoke and remember smoking, I have no desire to smoke.


I am very thankful for Julie's help, it's really made a positive impact on my life.



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