Julie Cawley

Julie Cawley of Wakefield stopped smoking with Julie in 2006:


Dear Julie


I came to see you in September last year to stop smoking. For years I’d tried to stop smoking. I had used patches, gum, and always stopped for a few weeks then ended up back on the cigs.


One evening when I was reading the Evening Post I saw your ad and thought I would try it as nothing else helped, so I got an appointment to see you at 5.00pm on 26th September 2006. By the time I got to your office that day to see you I had already smoked 20 cigs!


After an hour with you I left to go home, passing people who were smoking and I didn’t even fancy one!


As the week passed I found myself looking at people who were smoking and just wondering why I have never had the urge for a cigarette!


It’s now seven months and they don’t bother me at all. I feel great, haven’t coughed for months and I walk without getting out of breath.


It’s the best thing I ever did coming to see you!




Julie Cawley

Tingley, Wakefield




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0113 834 5424


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