Julie Bulloch

Julie Bulloch is a 40-something (!) mum and grandmother with a busy full-time role working with young offenders. She wrote this to Julie in May 2008:


Hi Julie


I stopped smoking on 14th Dec 2007, it was the first time I had ever been hypnotised and would recommend hypnotherapy as the only sure fire way of stopping smoking and remaining a non-smoker. I am amazed at how easy and trouble free it has been to never have a cigarette even when times are tough and in my line of employment things get very tough and can be extremely stressful. I don’t even have a craving for a cigarette, which never ceases to amaze me.


I don’t smell nasty anymore and all the lovely fabric conditioner smells stay on your clothes all day. My home is free from the constant smog that hung around. I can cuddle my grandchildren without the worry of passing on poisonous chemicals to them.


Thank you Julie for helping me break the habit and I am going to give your contact details to a work colleague who has asked me about the process and was amazed when I told her it only took 38 minutes for me to quit the habit.


Julie Bulloch


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