James of Bradford

James wrote this 3 months after he stopped smoking with Julie:


"I’d been a smoker for 17 years and I was one of those who didn’t worry about smoking and actually enjoyed it. I knew it was bad for me but kept putting off stopping for various reasons. As society has changed I stopped smoking everywhere but outside and in my car, but I still managed to get through 20+ a day.


When my partner and I decided that we wanted to have children I decided the time was right to stop smoking. I looked at the various methods available and decided on hypnotherapy as it has worked for a number of people I know. I was sceptical because I saw myself as someone who couldn’t be manipulated either subconsciously or not! In reality though it is not like this. Once you’ve decided you want to stop, the process makes doing so infinitely easier.


I saw Julie for one session and three months later I can honestly say that stopping smoking has been easy. The session was relaxed and painless and Julie was very thorough with no clockwatching at all.


The fear and anxiety that I felt about giving up have been totally unfounded. There have been odd, fleeting, moments when I’ve thought about smoking but I can honestly say I’ve had no cravings. In fact a smoker friend asked me recently if the cravings have been bad and I had to admit that there’s been none!! Seeing people smoking hasn’t bothered me and I really can’t imagine wanting to smoke ever.


I was carrying a bit of excess weight before seeing Julie and was very worried about putting on more weight but that hasn’t been a major problem. I’ve probably put on a couple of pounds but nothing like the amount I feared. In fact I’m now going back to see Julie for some weight loss help!!


If you want to stop smoking I can’t recommend it highly enough."





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