I came to see Julie in October 2011, and have now been smoke free for 6 months. I had been a 15-20 a day smoker for 10 years, and was always promising myself I would quit, but then delaying it over and over. Whilst I wanted to pack them in, I really couldn't see myself as a non-smoker, and was very scared of the affects it may have on my life to give them up, I was that reliant on them.
When I did have a go at quitting many times in the past, I have tried everything – patches, gum, lozenges, cold turkey, electric cigs, inhalers, hypnosis tapes, certain books about easy ways to quit, and even a different hypnotherapist a few years ago. All last for a very short time before I was back on the tabs – Julie explained why!
After speaking to Julie on the telephone, and the confidence she has to offer future sessions for free I decided to 'invest' (definitely think of it as an investment, as the money you pay you will make back in what you would have spent on cigs!), and finally be a non-smoker.
My main motivation was health. I knew that if I didn't quit, cigarettes would kill me eventually - the statistics don't lie! A couple of recent health scares told me that it was now or never to get rid of cigarettes.
Immediately after seeing Julie, whilst I still had thoughts about smoking, the last thing I wanted to do was put a cigarette in my mouth, which was a feeling I hadn't had in over 10 years – the appeal and desire to smoke just went away, and times when I would previously automatically reach for a cigarette, it seemed like I just forgot I smoked.
Now it's like I was never a smoker, like Julie has access to the 'off switch' in your head! The day after I saw Julie, I went on a night out – before if I had tried to quit, as soon as a drop of beer touched my lips and someone sparked up, that was it. But this time, I found myself drink in hand, standing next to 3 smokers outside who were chain smoking - I had no desire or need whatsoever to smoke, and wondering why I ever used smoke. That's when I knew I was free of the habit, and was a very happy moment!
Quitting has had NO negative impacts on my life, like I used to fear it would. I've had 'no withdrawal symptoms' at all. With Julie's help, I don't crave cigarettes, I don't get anxious without cigarettes, I can be around people smoking without getting any desire to smoke, there is no feeling of a 'void' like I used to when trying to quit, and I know that I will reap the health benefits for the rest of my life.
The financial benefits are also brilliant – an extra £130 + in my pocket each month has gone down very well!
I look at smokers in a very different light now. When my colleagues at work all go out for their cigarette breaks, whilst before I was usually the first one outside and lighting up, I look at the babble of smokers leaving the building and feel sorry for them – sorry that they are still hooked on the smokes when there is a pain free way to give up just a phone call away!
I have no hesitation in recommending Julie – she is literally saving lives. As she did so well with the smoking, I've now gone back to Julie to help me to lose weight – I'm fairly confident in a few months there could be another testimonial from me in the weight loss section!


Ian C.



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