Update in 2013 from Dottie, who stopped smoking with Julie in 2009:


Hi Julie


Well what can I say been a very interesting 4 years next month since I was a smoker – and I certainly haven’t looked back. 


Anyone who knows me would always have said that I would be a smoke for life but here I am a NON SMOKER and very proud of that fact, also what is amazing to me and my friends is I can’t stand the smell of smoke especially if it is on someone – which amazes my friends no end is I avoid places where people are just hanging around smoking – a few years ago that would have been my signal to light up and join them – i.e. outside of work being the anti-social one of the group and also what pleases me totally I went shopping with a friend a few weeks ago at the white rose in the past I would have been having to leave her to pop outside for a quick one [ciggie that is] but nope we just did the shops for 5 hours and only stopped twice once for coffee and once for lunch perfect – and without buying ciggies I have more money in my purse. 


I really didn’t think that I could become a non-smoker if I am honest just thought one day I would be able to and that day was 3rd August 2009 – had my session with Julie with a follow up session if I needed it – and still have not booked that follow up session. 


So if you have any doubts – [and believe me I started smoking when I was about 12 yrs. old – both my parents were smokers so I would pinch one of there to try it – it looked so cool at that age] just book the appointment with Julie – she is so kind, caring and has a fabulous attitude and approach.


Kind regards



Julie Woodcock 

0113 834 5424


0800 007 5052


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