Hi Julie

Wanted to give you my testimonial about STOPPING SMOKING!

OK for more years than I care to remember I have smoked, and always had an excuse not to stop, or have tried various methods to stop! Whilst pregnant with my son (he is now 13) I tried so hard, got down to 1 a day, but as soon as I had him, back smoking again - not in the house or car, not fair to him, but really didn't think about how fair I was being to myself!

Tried the various pills and potions that you can get, and to be honest nothing seemed to work!

I was at the dentist the other month and saw Julie's leaflet, and also had been told by the doctor that I needed to give up smoking for various reasons, but he didn't lecture me, just suggested it (no-one likes being told what to do - me more than most), so the leaflet sat on my desk for about a month. Then one day I started reading it again, and thought I have to do this, I am not getting any younger and it's costing me a fortune. So spoke to Julie and as they say the rest is history - I became a non-smoker on 3rd August 2009. I had my last cig at 3.20pm and had my appointment with Julie at 4pm, came out of there and have not had a ciggie since - also as time has gone on, anyone who has had a cig and come near me, can't stand the smell and also realise how common I must have looked walking around in town having a ciggie between shops!

I am so proud of myself (with many many thanks to Julie), and friends are amazed that I am a non-smoker - I was the anti-social one - well not anymore!

I could go on and on about it! I am so proud of being a non-smoker as is my Husband and Son!

If you are thinking about ringing Julie, go for it - change your way of life!


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