Testimonial from Diane of  Leeds – 5 years after she saw Julie:


In April 2007, I went to see Julie to seek her help to stop my 15 – 20 cigarette per day habit. My mother had died the month before from cancer, which has spread to her lungs and also, I wanted to start a family. I couldn’t think of a better time to stop. 


I had always been ashamed of my smoking, knowing it smelled horrible and was a stupid waste of money and not smoking in front of family or work colleagues, (but realising now that they will definitely have been able to smell it a mile away!), but I couldn’t seem to kick it into touch, despite patches knowing how bad it was for my health, and at one point even trying Zyban. 


I went to see Julie and when I left her offices not 100% convinced it would work I was pleased to find that I was home before it had occurred to me that I hadn’t had a cigarette as soon as I’d got outside of her office, which I would have expected to do after any other meeting where you cant smoke inside.  (This was before the ban). 


I haven’t had one since and now have 2 beautiful children too. I never, ever think about smoking a cigarette anymore and cannot begin to imagine buying a packet and lighting one up!


Before I stopped it was something that was part of the day – having to fit in a visit to the shop to buy a packet, then being able to make time to have a quick one before work starts, or before lunchtime ends, or whatever. If I was on a night out, the thought of not smoking would have been completely alien, now the very idea of doing so is the strangest thing in the world!


It is completely fabulous to be free of cigarettes, forever! And to be able to smell my own perfume even at the end of the day, rather than the smell of stale cigarette smoke.  My complexion is a million times better too and most importantly, I no longer waste all that money on something so destructive and expensive and I know that I am setting my children a positive example by being completely cigarette free. I don’t have to lie to my family, or hide the fact from work colleagues and all round, I cannot recommend enough the feeling of having broken the habit, its wonderful!  


Thank you so much Julie 


Julie Woodcock 

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