CR of Leeds

CR is a Recruitment Consultant for Leeds. Her and her boyfriend came to see Julie a couple of years ago. She wrote this in February 2008:


Hi Julie,


I came to you about two years ago now to help me stop smoking. I was smoking about 15 per day, but on a big night out could go easily go through about 40!!!! When I arrived I have to admit that I did not really think that it would work as I had never believed in 'that sort of thing'!!! 


It is now nearly two years on since we first met for one hour, and I have not touched one cigarette!! I still find this completely mad and when I look back at old photos of me smoking my head off I actually can't believe that I am looking at me!! 


I had no withdrawal symptoms and no cravings, just sometimes this odd feeling that I should be doing something else, or I had forgotten something. Not bad for a sceptic!!!! I wanted to drop you this email to say a huge thank you for all you have done for me! 


One hour with you really is life changing!  - my boyfriend also stopped smoking with you.



Julie Woodcock 

0113 834 5424


0800 007 5052


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