Hi Julie,


I came to see you on the 12th April this year [2012] and it has nearly been 6 months now and I have not touched a cigarette since seeing you.


I was a heavy smoker for 12 years and I was always thinking at the back of mind I needed to quit. I worried about health problems, that I stunk of smoke, setting a bad example to the kids, bad skin, smokers cough, stained teeth and the inability to keep fit as I easily became out of breath at the gym.


I had tried the usual ways of trying to stop smoking, gum, patches, medication, cessation clinics and cold turkey, but I always started smoking again after a couple of months. I had seen Julie’s leaflet for years at my dentist and always picked it up and read it thinking I must try hypnotherapy, but never rang. One day when my cigarettes went up to over £7 a packet I realised I had to quit as I was tired of wasting my money on a habit that I didn’t even really enjoy. I rang Julie and had a chat with her about my reasons for wanting to stop and made my appointment for two weeks later. I listened to the CD at least once or twice a day leading up to my appointment and I felt very relaxed and positive about quitting smoking. On the day I had my last fag outside, threw away my lighter and fag packet and went in.


I found being hypnotised a very relaxing experience and I was aware of everything that was going on. I spent the next few days thinking about being hypnotised and had it worked, before I realised it a week had passed and I hadn’t smoked at all. My whole attitude to smoking changed, I realised I always had a choice to have a fag or not. Sometimes the smell of smoke repulses me, other times I can sit in a room full of people smoking and it won’t bother me in the slightest.


I am confident I will never take smoking up again as I feel like a non-smoker and don’t ever think about having a fag. Since quitting I have become very active enjoying my new found lungs and not getting out of breath when chasing the kids round the park or exercising at the gym. I have lost over a stone in weight since quitting through my new lifestyle as a non-smoker, I think it is just another excuse that you put weight on when you quit to put off quitting. I have so much more energy, have no coughs/colds, my teeth are no longer stained and no horrid tastes in my mouth! Most of all I enjoy spending all the extra money I now have on myself and the family and wonder how I ever afforded to smoke before. I would recommend anyone who smokes to give Julie a ring and give hypnotherapy a go, as it has worked wonders for me and has been easy to do with only mild cravings occasionally.


Thanks so much Julie for helping me finally quit for good. 


BM Leeds


Julie Woodcock 

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