Ani emailed this testimonial in April 2014:


I told Julie once I had completed 3 years of non-smoking I would write her a reference. Well it has now been over 3 years and I still don't smoke. Or crave one. In fact I don't even think about it anymore.


I went to see Julie in desperation as I was told by my Consultant Surgeon that I "HAD" to stop smoking or they would not treat me for a rather serious condition I had (which is all sorted now).

Julie's approach is very different from most out there. Firstly she makes it clear that there is no such thing as a magic wand and that unless you really want to stop smoking it won't work, nobody can make you do something you really don't want to. Julie makes you think hard about why you started smoking, why you keep smoking, what excuses you give, what your triggers are.

But she also looks in-depth at why you want to stop ... she helps you understand that you are not losing anything by stopping smoking but shows you what you are gaining by doing so. Julie utilizes NLP together with Hypnotherapy (both of which she is professional qualified in) and I think this makes a massive difference to the results she gets. 

The other thing I really liked about Julie is that she worked for many years in the commercial corporate world herself before she started the "Break the Habit" business and understands the pressures and stresses people are under in modern life.

It is with absolute pleasure that I give this reference for Julie and the amazing work she does in helping people move forward with their lives  


Ani Viswanathan


Julie Woodcock 

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