Andrea Dyer posted this 5* review on Break the Habit’s facebook page on New Year’s Day 2016:

Good Morning and a happy new year. I am extremely proud to say that I have got through Christmas and the new year cigarette free thanks to you. I attended a session with yourself on the 4th of October and I haven’t smoked a cigarette since ....

THREE FABULOUS MONTHS!!!!!! I am so very pleased!....to be honest hypnotism was my last ditch attempt at breaking the habit having tried numerous other methods and failing miserably. I was worried about feeling withdrawal and cravings and the irritability that stopping smoking brings. I am so please to say that I felt none of this. All I feel is euphoric and so very thankful that I am a non-smoker. 

Thank you very much for breaking the habit!  

This works... all you need to do is to want to give up and pick up the phone and make an appointment. It would be the best new year gift you could give yourself.

Andrea Dyer


Julie Woodcock 

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