Adam emailed this is July 2013:


I visited Julie on October 17 2012 to quite smoking, I was a little sceptical right up to sitting down in Julies' office, but nine months later I haven't had a single cigarette. My health has improved, my blood pressure has dropped and I feel generally much better in myself. 


I can still socialise with people who do still smoke without being tempted to do so and don't miss it at all. It seems silly to me now that I ever did smoke. 


People often say how well I've done to quit but I almost feel like I've cheated, it was so easy, I paid my money, I got hypnotised, I stopped, it was that quick. I don't know why I didn't do it sooner. 

I'd also say that the experience of being hypnotised was one of the most relaxing of my entire life, it felt like a weight had been lifted I felt very rested afterwards and still feel generally more relaxed and less stressed even nine months later.


I would recommend Julie to anyone who is thinking of quitting smoking.


Kind Regards 

Adam Henderson


Julie Woodcock 

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